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SL. Divission District Office name Address Contact Officetype
1 Sylhet Hobigonj Mirpur Bazar Agency Gausia International, Goni jahan Complex,Mirpur Bazar, Bahubal, Hobigonj 01715240226 Agency
2 Sylhet Hobigonj Chunarughat Thana Agency Madina Library, Upazila Gate, College Road, Chunarughat Hobigonj 01759037152 01712823543 Agency
3 Sylhet Hobigonj Madhabpur Thana Agency Nasir Nagar Road, Islam Complex, Opposite Of Sonali Bank 01724878143 01716597323 Agency
4 Sylhet Hobigonj Hobigonj Dist. Agency 24-25, Rupali Mansion Ground Floor, Town Hall, Residential Area 01936003289 '01190736607 01714137829 01711329944 Agency
5 Sylhet Hobigonj Nabigonj Upazilla Agency Yahiya Travels International, Sherpur Road, Room No. 02, New Market, Nabigonj 01929366851 01199366851 01819867348 Agency
6 Sylhet Hobigonj Azmirigonj Vacant Agency
7 Sylhet Hobigonj Banichang Vacant Agency
8 Sylhet Hobigonj Lakhai Vacant Agency
9 Sylhet Moulvibazar Boro Lekha Thana Agency PC High School Market (1st Floor), Borolekha, Moulvibazar 01819696042 01736809532 Agency
10 Sylhet Moulvibazar Kulaura Thana Agency Dokhin Bazar, Kulaura, Moulvibazar 01712071662 '01972071662 Agency
11 Sylhet Moulvibazar Sherpur Agency Al Karim Mansion, Dhaka Sylhet Road, Moulvibazar 01718197414 Agency
12 Sylhet Moulvibazar Shamshernagar Station Road, Chowmohona Shamsernagar, Komolgonj, Moulvibazar 01711336448 01918585065 '01190789414 Agency
13 Sylhet Moulvibazar Sreemongol Agency Rashid Market (1st Floor), Station Road, Sreemongol 01816397468 01197418084 Agency
14 Sylhet Moulvibazar Juri Thana Agency Sundarban Courier Service, Beside BDR Camp, Juri, Moulvibazar 01711268629 Agency
15 Sylhet Moulvibazar Rajnagar Vacant Agency
16 Sylhet Sunamganj Dirai Upazilla Agency Onirban Boi Ghor, Dirai Bazar, P.S: Dirai, Dist: Sunamgonj 01913927633 Agency
17 Sylhet Sunamganj Dharma Pasha Upazila Agency Dharmapasha, Kazi Office More, Hospital Road, Dharma Pasha 01739759800 Agency
18 Sylhet Sunamganj Sunamgonj Dist. Agency Joha Raja Trade Centre (1st Floor), Puraton Bus Stand, Sunamgonj 0871-62585 01912775279 01717683524 '01730083874 Agency
19 Sylhet Sunamganj Gobindagonj Agency Volagonj Trade International, Rohomotunnesa Shopping Complex, Gobindagonj Point, Chatak, Sunamgonj. 01740541118 01718566675 01938885901 Agency
20 Sylhet Sunamganj Jagannathpur Thana Agnc. Firoz Miah Market (In front of Thana), Jagannathpur, Sunamgonj 01740960770 01727021396 Agency
21 Sylhet Sunamganj Biswambarpur Vacant Agency
22 Sylhet Sunamganj Dokhin Sunamgonj Vacant Agency
23 Sylhet Sunamganj Dowarabazar Vacant Agency
24 Sylhet Sunamganj Jamalgonj Vacant Agency
25 Sylhet Sunamganj Shalla Vacant Agency
26 Sylhet Sunamganj Tahirpur Vacant Agency
27 Sylhet Sylhet Boroikandi Booking Booth South Surma Sylhet Zabeda Enterprise, 09 Moubon Supermarket, Tarminal Road, Sylhet 01712769491 Agency
28 Sylhet Sylhet Goala Bazar Agency Goalabazar, Osmaninagar, Balagonj, Sylhet 01710262360 Agency
29 Sylhet Sylhet Companigonj Thana Agency Volagonj Trade International, Islampur (Tuker Bazar), Companigonj, Sylhet 01728894946 01718566675 Agency
30 Sylhet Sylhet Jointapur Agency Jaflong Trade International, Jointapur, Sylhet 01748994934 Agency
31 Sylhet Sylhet Kanaighat Thana Agency Sumaiya Enterprise (Vill+P.O: Shibnagar, P.S: Kanaighat, Dist: Sylhet) 01716151369 Agency
32 Sylhet Sylhet Golapgonj Agency B-5, Al Marua Shopping Centre (1st Floor), Chowmohoni, Gopalgonj, Sylhet 01192091205 Agency
33 Sylhet Sylhet Shahjalal Upashahar-A, Booking Booth M/S Village Communication Media, Block-A, House: 47, Main Road, Shahjalal Upashahar, Sylhet 01723162357 Agency
34 Sylhet Sylhet Kadamtali Booking Booth M/S J. S Enterprise, Kadamtoli Point, Sylhet Sadar, Sylhet 01718566675 Agency
35 Sylhet Sylhet Shah Jalal Upashahar Booking Booth (Rose View) 121 Rose View Shopping Complex, Block D, Shahjalal Upashahar Sylhet 01718250882 01917201282 Agency
36 Sylhet Sylhet Madina Market Booking Booth G-14 Library & Stationary 4 No Mahmud Complex, Madina Market, Sylhet 01712578074 Agency
37 Sylhet Sylhet New Medical Booking Booth P.C Bazar, Osmani Medical Road, Kazolshah, Sylhet 0821-722752 01712081919 '01198212393 Agency
38 Sylhet Sylhet East Shibgonj Booking Booth Ahmed Commercial Institute & Computer Centre, Hatim Ali Market, Shibgonj, Sylhet 01915417899 '01711045112 Agency
39 Sylhet Sylhet Shahi Eid Gate Booking Booth Paschim Shahi Eidgaon Point, Sylhet 01750240000 01713806147 Agency
40 Sylhet Sylhet West Shibgonj Booking Booth Telecom Media Service, Sayem Mansion, Shibgonj, Sylhet 01712300499 Agency
41 Sylhet Sylhet Amborkhana Booking Booth M/S Sundarban Office Stationary, Moin Complex, Amborkhana, Sylhet. 01715279092 '0821-712364 Agency
42 Sylhet Sylhet University Gate Booking Booth Shahjalal Biggan & Projuti Bisshowbiddaloy Gate, Akhaliaghat Sadar, Sylhet '01677301799 '01711059599 Agency
43 Sylhet Sylhet Shajalal Upashahar Booking Booth Crystal Laundry Service, Midland Shopping Centre, Block E, Main Road, Shahjalal Upashahar, Sylhet 01716927139 Agency
44 Sylhet Sylhet Fenchugonj Upazila Agnc. Vacant Agency
45 Sylhet Sylhet Jokigonj Bazar Agency Sylhet Vacant Agency
46 Sylhet Sylhet Bishwanath Upazila Agnc. M/S Shewly Enterprise, Alkas Miah Avenue, Bilkis Market, Puran Bazar, Biswanathpur, Sylhet 08224-56027 '01915703804 01711974770 Agency
47 Sylhet Sylhet Baluchor Natun Bazar Booking Booth Medeicine House, Baluchor Natun Bazar, Sadar, Sylhet 01710888779, 01765755778 Booking Booth
48 Sylhet Sylhet Biani Bazar Thana Agency Mathiura Plaza (1st Floor), Main Road, Bianibazar 01917762795 Agency
49 Sylhet Sylhet Cantonment Agency 65-66 Peuly Super Market, Jalalabad Cantonment, Sylhet 3104 0821-2870331 '01712139201 Agency
50 Sylhet Sylhet Goainghat Vacant Agency
51 Sylhet Sylhet Kotwali Vacant Agency
52 Sylhet Sylhet Bimanbandar Vacant Agency
53 Sylhet Sylhet Osmani Nagar Vacant Agency
54 Sylhet Sylhet Maglabazar Vacant Agency
55 Sylhet Sylhet Doyarabazar Vacant Agency
56 Sylhet Sylhet Sylhet In front of Al-Hamra Market, Zindabazar, Sylhet 01917230660, 01191520063 Branch
57 Sylhet Moulvibazar Moulvibazar Dhaka-Sylhet Road, Kushum Bag, Moulvibazar 01917745484 Branch
58 Sylhet Sunamganj Chhatak Modrit Mansion, Sylhet Road, Chhatak 01193218996 01717726767 Branch
59 Sylhet Moulvibazar Srimangal Moulvibazar Road, Srimangal 01936003050 Branch
60 Sylhet Fenjugong Upazila Fenjugonj Upazila Rzonpur ( Khanbari) , Fenjugonj, Sylhet 1746642320 Agency

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