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Our Services

Sundarban Courier Service (Pvt.)Ltd. that cares about customers and keen to meet their needs with very enhanced means that meet their expectations guaranteeing the highest satisfaction standard through its unique service.

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Market Service Occasions Kinds
Government Door- to- Door delivery Night out Land
Private Mail & parcel   Local
Corporate Supply chain   Foreign
Foreign Management    

(I) General Booking service:
General Service General Service division is one of the most crucial divisions in comparative to other division. General Service division mainly consisted with-A) Document B) Non Documents like light parcel.

(II) Special Service:
Special Service is mainly deals with corporate customers. This service is under automation system.

(III) Express Service :
This is a special type of booking & delivery done with special care & we charge very reasonable rate.

(IV) Super Express Service :
This Service is extended for delivery within 8-24 hours in all District/Pourashova area.

(V) Value Declared Service (V.D):
Our value declaration section is the most influential division of Sundarban Courier Service (Pvt.) Ltd. We maintain money transfer from one individual to another, one family to another family within Bangladesh. We don’t allow any commercial transaction regarding money transfer from one company to the other and one office to another. This department mainly provides two ways of service-A) Normal Service (Within 24 hours) B) Message Transfer (MTCN through Network).

(VI) Foreign Service :
This Service is extended for the Bangladeshi expatriates. This Section receives & delivers Bank drafts, Cheques, Documents, packages through our foreign agent. It is very easy to trace out any items by our Tracking system with our combination of “front and back” end expertise, integration capabilities and follow-on foreign services after deployment.

(VII) Trade Marketing Section :
This section consists of collecting & delivering the goods for many different Trading Companies under special terms & conditions.

(VIII) Mobile Section :
Our Mobile Service is extended for booking from our branches & agents all over Bangladesh and we deliver delicate Mobile packages very safely.

(IX) Parcel Division :
Parcel division is one of the valuable divisions of Sundarban Express Transportation System Ltd. a sister concern of Sundarban Courier Service (Pvt.) Ltd. Our customers range from a lot of Business documents, Electronic goods, Life style products, Healthcare, Household materials and Food stuffs etc.